Hi and welcome to LawnGardenPicks.com!

My name is Alex, I’m the founder of this website. I live in a country cottage, and probably you know how difficult and time consuming it is to keep your house and farmland in good condition. Even more time is needed to search for good tools, reading reviews, and choosing the best of them. Me and a group of my friends decided to create some engine which can do some research automatically. It is an Artificial Intelligence robot, which scans the Internet for product reviews on forums, social networks, guestbooks, marketplaces, then analyzes it and calculates special variable which we called Product Score. It can vary from 0 to 10. The more this variable is, the more recommendations this product receives. Our robot continuously crawls the Internet and whenever new reviews appear, it updates Product score and shows you the result on the corresponding page, so you always get latest and actual information.

At first this website was an internal engine for a limited group of people, but after seeing increasing interest to the product we decided to create a publicly available version.

We are always working on improving our robot’s algorithms, and we hope that your shopping experience will be much easier with it’s help.

This is a non-commercial project, but you can support us by just browsing our website and ordering products by following the links on it: that way we will earn a small commission from the retailers we link to.

Thanks for visiting and Happy shopping! 😉