How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes From Your Garden

To remove mosquitoes from your garden effectively, it is essential to know a lot more about these nasty pests. Getting a thorough understanding of their breeding cycles, behaviors, and environments will help, you had better plan to protect yourself and love ones against mosquitoes. In today’s article, I will be giving you some of the best tips to get rid of mosquitoes from your garden.

  • Maintain the plant around your garden

Mosquitoes live in cold, dark, humid, covered areas when they don’t move around. Keep trimmed trees and shrubs, mow the lawn and clear any tall grasses or low lying brush. Doing this, it will expose more of your plants to sunshine, which will dry out any wet areas and make roaming mosquitoes less accommodating. Remove any piles of leaves, brush, or rotting branches as these dark, damp, piles become an alternate and perfect place to start breeding for mosquitoes.

  • Decrease the number of breeding sites

In standing water, female mosquitoes lay their eggs. Three days later, the eggs hatch into larvae, and about 12 days later, adults develop and fly away. Given that each female can lay up to 400 eggs, and in about two weeks, the life cycle is complete, you can see why their populations can grow so fast. Limiting the quantity of standing water around your home can decrease breeding areas and reduce mosquito numbers in your garden. Clogged rain gutters, tree holes, potholes, old tires, empty cans and bottles, and your outdoor flower pots saucers are the places to look at for.

  • Mount a French drain

The easiest way is drainage solutions, it can be purchased at home improvement or hardware store is to remove standing water around your house. The French drain is one of the popular options, consisting of a slightly sloping, gravel-filled trench surrounding a perforated pipe. This provides an easy path for water to flow into and collecting water in place of a particular spot over the entire length of the pipe and redirecting the surface and groundwater away from your home.

  • Attach to your garden with some repellant plants

Adding other plants can help you repel mosquitoes in your yard or garden. Some of the good choices are plants like Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Lantana, Lavender, Ageratum, and other plants in the mint family. Such plants produce potent aromas that make mosquitoes want to stay away. Catnip, Citronella, Basil, Lavender, Rosemary, Marigolds, and Geranium are some of the other plant choices that may deter mosquitoes from reaching your garden. Many of these plants not only repel pests, but they also make elegant flower beds or centerpieces of the outdoor table. They give your garden an extra beauty of its own.

  • Use repellent treatments

A lotion or spray containing DEET, which is safe even for children when used as directed, picaridin, IR3535, or lemon oil or eucalyptus, is one of the reliable choices to keep mosquitoes away. Still, it will wear off after several hours, depending on the product you chose.

The second choice, for insect and mosquito-specific replants, are pyrethroid and pyrethrin sprays; you can use a sprayer bottle to treat your garden. To create a barrier, you can spray underneath shrubbery in your garden or spray around the garden or fence. Pyrethrin is a dried chrysanthemum botanical insecticide. While Pyrethroid is a synthetic version of pyrethrin and in some cases, similar to pyrethrin, is considered a more active repellant. Also, there are repellant granules that you can use a fertilizer spreader to spread through your garden. Such granules are typically mixed with oils that repel mosquitoes. These granules are usually healthy for pets and children. At home department stores or online, you can purchase these repellants. Make sure you read the packaging material to see how long the treatment is expected to last; some treatments are meant to last the whole summer, whereas others last only a few weeks.

  • The coffee grounds method

Wherever you find standing water in your garden, sprinkle coffee grounds. The larvae of the mosquito will be forced to rise to the surface and will be deprived of oxygen. The coffee ground will kill any mosquitoes before they hatch and discourage them from further breeding.

  • Install mosquitoes repellent light

Install lights that repel insects around your garden. To stop those noisy insects, add sodium lamps, yellow bug lights, or LED lights in your backyard or garden. In-home goods stores, all-in-one outdoor lighting, and mosquito repellent devices can be purchased or online

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